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Goals for 2018-19

Where Your Money Goes

Each year, the Phillips Elementary PTA raises funds for specific purposes, not just to raise money. Some of the student events and activities that fundraising has supported include:

  • Educational programs and guest speakers for students, like High Flyers and the Dallas Zoo
  • Mini-grants/funding for special resources, programs or materials that teachers request to use in their classrooms
  • Technology and other in-school resources, such as tablets (iPads) for learning
  • Outdoor and physical education equipment, including the playground cover and soccer goals

Current Fundraising Goals

The fundraising goals for the 2016-17 year are for:

  • An outdoor learning environment and gardens
  • New and continuing student programs
  • Generous teacher/classroom enrichment grants for learning materials and programs

For the outdoor environment, there is a plan the PTA would like to build on in years to come, which could include:

  • Shade/cover
  • Learning space with tables or benches
  • Raised gardening beds for herbs and vegetables
  • Butterfly garden

The quality and number of our programs, classroom equipment and grants, and outdoor learning spaces are directly impacted by your generous efforts and donations. We look forward to implementing some of these things and projects in the months to come, and building on them in the future.

The Olympathon represents the main fundraising event of the year. Please help us to reach our goal of at least $75 per child in donations. Our total goal for the Olympathon is $45,000.

You Have Our Appreciation

Know that anything you contribute to the PTA and to Phillips goes to help our students with enrichment and educational experiences that support their learning!

thank you